A Prayer For Purpose & Grace

A prayer for purpose and grace

We adore you and are in awe of your creativity and all knowing perfection. Bless us as we Perdue you and our calling. 
Lord you tell us we are created in your image and we have predestined good deeds for your glory. We are your workmanship to do your work in this dark world. We pray that we stop and listen for YOUR voice before we make a move. 
We pray that you raise up the next generation with the help of your Holy Spirit and Godly mentors. Let us partner for your glory. Build a world of “Paul and Timothy’s”, where we can grow together and be vulnerable. Raise up mighty servants of God who live out your will in our lives. We ask you to ramp up our effectiveness for your glory. 
Lord, you have entrusted us and we know you have claimed us as worthy of whatever you have called us to do. Let us believe that with all of our hearts and souls. 
Lord, enable us to guard the gifts given to us! We are trusted first with your gospel, let us live that out and share the gospel through our actions.  
Let us to only do things with love and in love for love of people and love of God. (Because without love, our actions and words are useless). 
Let us not assume who and what we are called to, but rather, listen and follow you. Give us courage to take steps that are scary (but oh so blessed). 
Raise us up Lord, set a fire in our souls and let us be known for ❤️love❤️ and for our desire to know you, share you, and be faithful to you. We trust you and we thank you for entrusting us. 

We pray we glorify you in all things,

In Jesus name,


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