Christ Focused December

Well, December is officially less than a week away and we are preparing for a JESUS focused December to Remember. We will be reading the passages of Christ’s prophecy, birth, life and death together. I have based our reading plan off of a great bible reading plan from 

I have decided to extend beyond the shorter passages and suggest reading the full chapters. The reasoning for this is because I’d like us to really soak in these chapters and spend about 15-20 minutes each day. The Bible reading plan could be as short as 5 minutes a day, but digging just a little farther will be so rewarding! However, I will provide the checklist with both the shorter scriptures and the full chapters so you can do what fits into your schedule. Pray about it and PLEASE join us! This 25 day journey is NOT about perfection but rather journeying together and reading the life of Jesus, our savior, connection with God, and building our daily discipline of meeting with God during our quiet time in the Bible! (If you didn’t know it, we will be reading through the entire Bible in 2017… stay tuned for that check list to be launched in December). I truly believe a Jesus centered December will be a much more peaceful and meaningful December.

Let’s commit to digging out a little time to spend time in the Word to get to know our savior even better. Put down the phone, prioritize the morning or squeeze in a chapter when you have a couple minutes… you may have to focus but I promise it will be worth it! Here is a sneak peak and a printable checklist will be available very soon. 
Day 1 – The Word became flesh
Day 2 – The birth of Jesus is foretold to Mary
Day 3 – The birth of John the Baptist is foretold to Zechariah
Day 4 – Mary visits Elizabeth, the mother of John
Day 5 – John the Baptist is born
Day 6 – An angel appears to Joseph
Day 7 – The ancestors of Jesus, part 1
Day 8 – The ancestors of Jesus, part 2
Day 9 – Jesus is born in Bethlehem
Day 10 – Shepherds visit Jesus
Day 11 – Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the temple
Day 12 – Visitors arrive from eastern lands
Day 13 – The escape to Egypt
Day 14 – The return to Nazareth
Day 15 – Jesus speaks with the religious teachers
Day 16 – John the Baptist exalts Jesus
Day 17 – Jesus claims to be God
Day 18 – Jesus eases John the Baptist’s doubts
Day 19 – The transfiguration
Day 20 – Jesus is the Good Shepherd
Day 21 – Jesus blesses the children
Day 22 – Jesus predicts His death, part 1
Day 23 – Jesus predicts His death, part 2
Day 24 – Most of the people do not believe in Jesus
Day 25 – Resurrection, ascension, and invitation of Jesus

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