Day 16: John exalts Jesus 

Are you still with us? If you’ve not been reading with us or maybe you’ve just seemed to miss a few days, jump into today’s readings. You won’t want to miss this! God always meets you where you are at, so please don’t feel behind or overwhelmed…. that is Satan trying to keep you totally out of the Word. He knows (Satan) if he can keep you away from time with God, it will be much easier to distract and derail your day! So, here we are… John the Baptist and Jesus. And in our gospel readings we are in Luke… the birth of Christ told by Luke all the way through John preparing the way and genealogy of Jesus, as well as the temptation of Jesus. What a packed day of reading!

Day 16 – John the Baptist exalts Jesus

[] John 3:22-26 [] Isaiah 40:3 
[] Luke 2-4 Gospel Reading

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