Day 24: Christmas Eve

So, we’ve been reading together for 24 days in December. I’ve missed some days here and there and I know the days I’ve gotten my early quiet time in for are so much better. Getting up early to have some quiet time helps me to prioritize my thoughts for the day and connect with what really matters: Jesus. So, how are you spending your days? Are you so overwhelmed with life that you skip time with Jesus? If so, I encourage you to pray to ask God to help you find time and energy to have some quiet time. I promise it will brighten your day. Don’t worry about perfection, God will always  meet us where we are at and fill us with His peace and guide us to do His will. After a day like yesterday filled with the chaos of the upcoming festivities (read: a trip to the big superstore), I was feeling empty by the end of the day. So today I am prioritizing Jesus to fill my spiritual tank up again.

Here is today’s reading… quite profound for Christmas Eve. Most do not believe in Jesus… that seems to be relevant to Christmas sometimes. How many go through many Christmas traditions only to leave out Christ- the center of Christmas. I pray that we can focus on Christ… Christmas has many wonderful things about it and Christ is the center of this awesome time of year. So, we believe. We reflect. We pray. We thank God. Let’s center our hearts on Him today and tomorrow (and every other day).

Day 24 – Most of the people do not believe in Jesus
[] John 12:37-43 [] Zechariah 12:10 
[] John 2-4

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