Our Final Reading for December and 2016

Here we are on our final reading of our Christ focused December. Tomorrow will be a day of prayer and reflection and preparation for January 2017. I do hope you find a passage to read for some reflection time, that of course will be up to you to decide to pick. 

Today’s reading:

John chapters 20 and 21

Here we reflect as we finish out the last chapter of John, the final gospel. What have we been shown as we have flipped through these pages? For me, it has been the first time ever reading through the entire gospels together. And, I’ll say I do have a few chapters I missed that I will finish reading tomorrow. It’s been such an awesome experience to read through the stories of Christ and see all the pieces put together. God has spoken in many ways for me, and prayerfully I hope for you as well. As we finish the gospels today, the last couple sentences made me contemplate and hold my breath. 

John 21:25

25 Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.

Can you imagine if we knew everything that Jesus did while he lived? I can’t fathom how our hearts would explode with the knowledge and hope and excitement. I supposed I’ve never read the last verse of John. I absolutely love it. 

What did December bring for you? I hope it brought peace, joy, love, thankfulness and more. If it was perhaps a difficult month, I am praying it ends well. Remember, circumstances do not have to encompass your emotions; and you can be filled with grief or hardships and also have peace (in Christ). 

Here’s to 2017, let’s go together.


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