Day 31: Reflection and Projection

Day 31: the last day of December and the final day in 2016. For some, this is a day that feels significant as they prepare for another trip around the sun. For others, things don’t feel as if they’ll change a whole lot. I suppose it depends on if you’re feeling accomplished or determined or whatever you’d want to call it. I’ve always felt New Year’s Eve could potentially set emotions up for some excitement. A fresh month, new calendars, a new year… new is exciting, isn’t it? It can also be daunting. But in all reality, it’s another sunrise to a day we are here on earth to make the best of our time. So, we take some time (perhaps) to reflect on our past year and what we accomplished or felt, or perhaps some things that were difficult that God sustained us through. If you journal or mark your Bible, you can see the trail of the path you walked with God, which is pretty awesome to be able to do. I suppose the point I’m coming to is that we come to a day where we can look back and look forward and make some decisions. I would suggest that you consider praying about 2017 if you haven’t already. Ask God to give His guidance, to open the doors that He has blessed and to guide your thoughts and actions to line with His will. The best way to be in God’s will is to have daily prayer time and time in His word. Perhaps you’re already joining us for our 2017 Bible Journey (15 Bible Reading Schedules to Choose From), however if you are not, I invite you to come along for the journey! It will be filled with GRACE. Our theme will be “God meets us where we are at”. Join our launch event Here. Also, if you’re reading this and it’s NOT New Year’s Eve or anywhere close, just jump in with us in our daily readings! GOD MEETS YOU! Right where you’re at. This won’t be about perfection but rather about grace and our hearts lining with God’s will. So, here’s to 2017. 

PS… have you decided on a word or scripture verse for 2017 to focus on? I’ll be sharing mine later today. 

Happy New Year’s Eve. Enjoy this final day in 2016. We only get this day once. 

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