Happy New Year: Day 1

Happy New Year!!! I hope you had a fun time ringing in 2017. Last night our family got all dressed up and went to a nice dinner. When we got home we let our five year old try to make it until midnight… He fought the good fight until about 10 and then actually begged to go to bed! Then we played board games for a few hours, until the midnight hour rang we quickly passed out after that! Our New  Years Eve was simple and we loved it. We are so looking forward to see what 2017 has in store. (PS if you’ve never played Qwirkle, you gotta check it out!)

So, now to our first day in the Word. 

Today was a tricky day. We stayed up late (hello midnight!!!), and I slept in past my quiet time. Not getting up early and having my coffee and Jesus time can make the day goofy but how can I say no to my husband offering to let me stay in bed? (That was a nice 8am wake up!!)

In addition to sleeping in, I completely forgot church was a half an hour earlier than normal. By forgot, I mean I remembered as soon as I was ready to go out to the car… so we TOTALLY missed church (I was so looking forward to going after missing a few weeks too, so I was super bummed!). I could have let that ruin my morning… I was disappointed. But God always provides a way to make the best of things. For example, a husband who says,”hey let’s go out to breakfast since you’re dressed to go..” So we went to breakfast and had a great morning. For some reason, going out for a simple breakfast as a family is incredibly fun to me and makes me smile very big, so our Sunday morning mix up became a great morning. 

I apologize for writing so much besides what I read in my Bible Reading today. I suppose I’m trying to show that even while I had a totally unscheduled day, God met me where I was at. I was actually able to fit it in quiet time during the morning and afternoon time. God is full of grace! 

He met me today. Where did He meet you? 
I’m following The Divine Mentor reading plan, so today’s reading was Genesis 1 and 2 along with Luke 1. I actually have read these chapters several times in the last few months so I had to slow myself down and not rush through it. God always reveals something new. His word is alive! I SOAP journaled my scripture to record what I read, what was revealed and how I can apply and pray that scripture into the day. When I SOAP scripture, I focus on picking only one verse to write down for my day. (The Divine Mentor helps to explain why this is beneficial). It’s very hard to just choose one that God shows me, but it has a purpose. It also helps me to focus. 

Today my scripture was Luke 1:47.

Luke 1:47 (NKJV) 

“My soul magnifies the Lord, 

And my spirit has rejoiced in God

My Savior”

This is Mary praising God after the angel Gabriel visited her to share she was chosen to give birth to Jesus. Mary has been someone who has really shown me how to be in awe of God. I am inspired by her responses.

Our Prayer for January 1, 2017

Lord, help us to let our souls MAGNIFY you!! Let us rejoice in our savior. In everything you choose for us, even the confusing things. May praise be on our lips.

In Jesus’ Name,


So, tell me… what Bible reading plan did you decide on? What did you read? What did God show you? I’d love to see what everybody else is being shown. The best part of a journey can be seeing that God speaks to everybody who meets Him. He promises to draw near to us when we draw near to Him. I’m praying for all of us as we journey through 2017. I look forward to 2017 being full of God showing us His grace, love and mercy. 

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