January 2,2017

This year I’ve decided to read from my NKJV Spirit Filled Life Study Bible, and I absolutely love the word wealth that it has in it, in addition to the extra study notes and insight. It really helped me as I had some questions on what words meant and what I was reading.

Here are a few photos of the study notes and layouts that are very helpful. 

I want to thank Christine Abraham from Women’s Bible Cafe, who had recommended it for my studying. If you’re looking for a great Bible, I suggest checking it out. I have a few other Bibles that I really love, but that will be for another day. This year I also chose to read and study from the New King James Version of the Bible. There are many different translations of the Bible to choose from, and depending on your preference you may decide on one that suits you best. I often read from the ESV as our church reads that translation and it’s a great version to study from and very easy to read (and accurate word for word translation). I decided on reading the NKJV for a fresh view on scripture, the poetic feeling of it and the words that make me slow down.

Today’s reading was Genesis 3-5 and Luke 2. I am reading from The Divine Mentor Reading Plan. Here is the verse that I decided to SOAP.

Luke 2:38 

And coming in that instant she gave thanks to the Lord, and spoke of Him to all those who looked for redemption in Jerusalem.

This is talking about the prophetess Anna, who is speaking of Jesus. Anna was an old widow who was devoted to God. There isn’t much in the Bible on this older woman, but I really enjoyed pausing on this verse and checking the verses that parallel it. I’ve read Luke a few times recently and this never shouted to me before. In fact, I think I skimmed over it quickly without much thought. It’s so intriguing how the Word of God is alive and each time you read through scripture there will be something new that speaks to your heart.

Which Bible Reading Plan are you reading? What were your readings from today? What verse did you SOAP? I’m also curious, what translation do you enjoy reading from?

Happy day 2. I look forward to hearing from my co-walkers! 🙂



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8 thoughts on “January 2,2017

  1. My favorite Bible I was reading mine last night too Jessica Campbell! I dont like the Kindle version…it doesnt show the commentary and Greek/Hebrew words. On print version the commentary words are VERY TINY so it’s easier to read in mornings than at night! Since I read the NKJV I’m giving myself a NLT version as a birthday gift!


  2. I am using the Chronological Study Bible which is NIV, but I enjoy reading from the ESV for a more word for word translation. Being a history buff and a homeschooler…I have always wanted to read the bible in the order in which it happened. Luckily it has a reading plan in the back so I am following that. Today’s reading was Gen 5-6 and my verse that I SOAPed was Gen 5:24 💖💖


  3. Jessica – love how you bring out the advantages of different translations of the Bible. I too find great things about many of them and find it helpful to look at a few different translations sometimes! Great blog!


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