Wednesday January 4th, 2017


Luke 4:13

Now when the devil had ended every temptation, He departed from Him until an opportune time.


Jesus has just gotten done with 40 days in the wilderness with no food. It is quite obvious, but scripture even says in Luke 4:2 “and afterward, when they ended, He was hungry”… yeah, 40 days of no food will definitely leave one hungry. But God makes sure we have that little reiteration of information to remind us that Jesus makes perfect decisions even when he is HUNGRY! (Yeah, I don’t). So, Jesus is done fasting in the wilderness for 40 days, he’s hungry, and Satan decides this is the perfect time to tempt Jesus. Satan temps Jesus three different times and each time Jesus responds to the temptation with scripture. Even when the devil tries to USE scripture to trick Jesus into sinning, Jesus knows the scripture so well that He knows that Satan is twisting scripture. Eventually, the devil gives up. Only waiting “until an opportune time”. 


Jesus provides a perfect example here (of course) of how knowing scripture and having it memorized in our hearts will help us fight against the devil. We know that scripture is part of the armor of God, but how often do we purposefully take time to remember what we read, or memorize it? Daily reading and re-reading and memorizing can help us against attacks from Satan. Of course, we even see here as Jesus wins this fight (and ultimately, ALL OF OUR fights against Satan), that Satan is just waiting for the next opportune time to catch us off guard. He is sneaky, he tries to camouflage sin into something “good”, and we need to knwow what God says about these things before we make a move. We need to always be aware, if we are not, the devil is knocking at the door trying to trick us into thinking it’s okay to do something, when all along God clearly states what He does and does not want us to do. 


Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Help us to write your words into our hearts and to have our hearts desire to be to know you, follow you, and imitate you to the best of our ability. Help us to genuinely walk closely with you and have a relationship that fills us with your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Lord, I pray you will very loudly and clearly let us know when we are not in your will. Light our paths and help us to hear our shepherd guiding us; affirm us and give us peace when we are in your will. I pray that as we read your word daily we are not twisting scriptures into selfish understandings and wants, but rather, we are seeing and understanding the words of a Holy God who loves us more than life itself. Help us to live this thing out. Give us opportunities to glorify you. Help us to repent when we miss those opportunities (or even decline them). Lord, we want to fully be yours. Help us to be near to you, imitate you, and share you. 

In Jesus’ name we pray, 

What are you reading today? I am following the Divine Mentor Reading Plan and SOAP JOURNALING. If you are just joining, welcome! You can Find a reading plan here. The goal is not perfection, but to grow daily into the habit of reading the Bible and applying it to your life. 



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