Monday January 9th,2017

Happy Monday! We are into the second week of January and I already feel myself desperately trying to slow down the year. How can we make the most of each day without the time accidentally slipping away? I’m trying to be more intentional in 2017, to purposely be more open to making memories even when it may jam up the normal routine. I’ll never look back and wished we would have had less impromptu dinners with friends. Anyways, into our daily reading. How are you doing so far this year? What has God been speaking to your heart? Today my Bible Reading selection was Genesis 23 & 24 as well as Luke 9. This year I am SOAP journaling my Bible experience and encourage those following along to do the same. It’s a great way to record what God shows you and it personally helps me to remember what I had read. I love the journal by Miquelrius that I bought for this year. It has enough pages for the year and it’s the perfect size and feel. 

Today’s verse was one that really shouted to me and convicted me. It’s always hard to just choose one, but God always highlights what He wants me to SOAP and focus on. 

S: Scripture 

Luke 9:25

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost?

O: Observation 

Jesus is explaining to His disciples what it takes to truly follow Him. 

1) deny yourself 

2) take up your cross daily 

3) prioritize Jesus over worldly wants

A: Application 

We are not of this world- we are created to follow and glorify Jesus. It is very easy to be seduced by the riches of this world, but if we turn from Christ to “enjoy” the world, we have lost all that truly is  profitable to us. 

Prioritize Christ. Riches are not in and of themselves evil, however, if they distract you or tempt you to turn away from prioritizing Jesus as #1, they will never be worth it. Christ first. 

P: Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

You tell us very plainly how to follow you, and as humans we try to change or ignore your message. I pray that as you grow my faith and those around me, the fog of confusion in priorities is lifted. Help us to divinely view this world and clearly see that Jesus is the most valuable possession we can ever claim. Make my heart pure in motives and desires. Let the world lose it’s grip on me. Help me to see the world through Heaven’s eternal perspective. 

Thank you for your word, your example and salvation. 

In Jesus’ name, 

What are you reading and praying today? 

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