Time is the most valuable asset, and GRACE is the opposite of guilt 

What have you been doing with your time? Have you been setting aside some time each day to read your Bible? Time is an asset we often undervalue and I pray that as 2017 unravels we can be mindful of how valuable each day is. 

It’s been a little busy here this weekend and I ended up missing yesterdays reading. If I’m honest, it’s because we had a very poor night of sleeping on Friday and I listened to my very, very tired body Saturday morning. Sometimes days get away from us, which is why I truly prefer to get up early and read before the day’s beautiful chaos ensues. However, I am reminding myself, and all of you, that this year is FULL OF GRACE! So, this morning I read from Genesis 14th and 15th  passages and tonight I read Luke 14 and 15. I just felt like I wanted to read it all, so I did and it was nice to have a littl extra time in the Word today. I missed yesterday and wouldn’t have felt guilty if I didn’t make it up… I won’t be guilt laden for missing my time yesterday (or any day that ends up being missed). I will, however, continue to remember that the days are better when I am able to get up early and spend time with God. 

The Christmas season (and January), has been filled with traveling on the weekend, so it’s actually been several weeks of missing church and I was very ready to be able to go and worship with the church body. It was great to be able to go and have face to face fellowship! So looking forward to a more normal routine as January progresses. 

I decided to SOAP two verses, but to simplify things I’ll just share the one from today. 

The verse I chose from yesterday’s reading was 

Genesis 37:11 

And his brothers envied him, but his father kept the matter in mind.

(Context: Joseph had shared the dream God gave him of his family bowing down to him) 

Today’s verse I chose to SOAP journal is 


Luke 15:2

And the Pharisees and scribes complained, saying, “This Man receives sinners and eats with them.”


The Pharisees are the super religious law keepers of the day. Although they followed every law, they saw themselves as superior (no humility) and often lost sight of compassion for others. They picked apart every move of Jesus trying to catch him in a sinful matter. Here, Jesus is eating with sinners (GASP). They cannot understand why he would do this and see it as very bad and inappropriately 


How often do we act as modern day Pharisees picking others apart for their actions? We are missing the point of the gospel when we do that. 

P: Prayer 

Lord, open our eyes to our actions towards others. Let our sinful hearts be faithful to you. Help us to show love to the unlovable and unaccepted, just as you did. Make our posture humble in the world no matter how our walk with you grows…. especially as our walk grows. Forgive our pride that covers the love of Jesus. Open our hearts, minds and prayers to those who are “unlovable”. Forgive us, Lord, as this is not a natural thing for us. 

In Jesus name, amen 


What is your weekend looking like? What are you reading? 



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