Monday January 16th, 2017: God’s favor in difficult times

We are reading the Bible in 2017, and if you’re new to joining us you’re never too late to jump in. You can check out your options for Bible reading plans and Join our Facebook group for daily encouragement and accountability. I personally and reading through The Divine Mentor reading plan- which actually goes through Old Testament once and New Testament twice. I also encourage everybody to SOAP journal if they’re up to it. It really helps to remind you of what God has shown you and records the year long journey. So, what did I read today? 

Genesis 39-41

Luke 16


Luke 39:21 (NKJV)

21 But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him mercy, and He gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.


Joseph has been wrongly accused of attempting to lay with his Master’s wife. In reality, she had begged him more than once, and because Joseph is an honest man, he would not. The master’s wife then made Joseph look guilty and now Joseph’s master has thrown Joseph (read: INNOCENT… also, he is in Egypt because his brothers were awful to him and made it look like he died after they dumped him into a hole!). So, here is Joseph. Alone, mistreated, and wrongly accused as an innocent man in jail. However, God was with Joseph, He showed him mercy and even put him in favor with the prison guard! 

A: Application 

In this world, Christians and those who have found favor with God, will have Satan attempting to attack us at all angles. We will face hardship, unfair and wrong accusations when we follow our faith, and even batalant lies against us. Satan wants us to only see the wrong; but God clearly has shown us in the story if Joseph, that even amongst the most confusing and lonely times, HE is with us; He is for us; He is granting grace and provision. Let us believe this! 



Oh, Heavenly Father. 

Thank you for your word and the genealogy and history you’ve given us through your Word! Thank you that it is alive and breathing. Thank you that we can meet with you daily. Lord…  Remind us when we feel that all is at a low or loss, that you have great thoughts and plans towards us. That you are constantly blessing our paths and providing blessings. We pray that as we continue reading through the amazing history of Genesis (and the awesome miracles of Luke), that you help us to be in awe. Fill the gaps of what we may not understand, and help us to not just read but apply and change our lives to be modeled more like Jesus. 

Thank you Lord, 

In Jesus’ name, 


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