Acts 7: Stephen’s Review on Genesis, Exodus and other Jewish History

We are on the final day of January!!  Wow! And wow, I read Acts 7 and that was SOOO COOL!!! Stephen wraps up in one chapter what I’ve read in the entire month of January in Genesis and Exodus. I absolutely loved seeing that tie. Wow. It is really hard to pick one verse tonight. So, I’ll pick one on my astonishment in Stephen.  

Stephen orchestrates the history of Jews and God in Acts 7. Stephen was arrested and accused for blasphemous words against God in Acts 6. So, naturally, in Acts 7 Stephen explains the reasonings behind him believing that Jesus is the Messiah. You’ll see a huge recap of the history in Genesis & Exodus here. In the end, Stephen stones to death for his beliefs. A Martyr in early Christianity. 

Acts 7:60 (NIV)

Then he fell on his knees and cried out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” When he had said this, he fell asleep.

Wow, it’s hard to understand how Stephen didn’t argue his side or beg for understanding. Unless that’s left out? It seems as if he accepted his fate and beyond that even asked the Lord to forgive the ones persecuting him. 


When we are asked to stand up for our faith, you promise to give us the words through the Holy Spirit. We thank you for that. Give us grace when those moments come upon us. Help us shine for you in one way and one way only: faithful. 

Thank you God, 

In Jesus’ name,


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