February 8th, 2017: What’s the point of this? 

Today I read in my Bible Reading Plan from Leviticus 7-9 (offerings and ordinations)  and Acts 15 (conflict over gentiles). 

One may be seriously wondering while reading through all of the different types of sacrifices, rules and regulations to the according sacrifices and the long list of do and DO NOTs… what is the point? It is a long list, and so much of it makes one wonder… what?! Why?? 

The point. Well, we find it in ….

Leviticus 9:6 (NKJV)

Then Moses said, “This is the thing which the Lord commanded you to do, and the glory of the Lord will appear to you.”

Did you read that conclusion statement from Moses? 

THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL APPEAR TO YOU. Wow! Who wouldn’t want the Glory of the Lord to come down and consume their sacrifice and appear with them. No wonder all are eager to sacrifice and be made right with God. 

Did you realize that we have the glory of the Lord within us? Yes. Through Christ we have our perfect sacrifice. No intolerable and unreachable rules and regulations for perfection of atonement of sins- something that will not last either. 

Christ came to be our sacrifice. We are redeemed through Christ. We no longer need to follow a long list of orders to be in the presence of God. We can meet with Him anytime when we have Christ as our savior. It’s amazing. He’s our mediator, perfect sacrifice, atoning Passover lamb.. Praise the Lord. 

Through Christ we see the glory of the Lord. One day we will stand in perfection because of Christ. 


It’s hard to put into words how to show our thankfulness. I pray that we live our lives as prayers, worshiping and praising you. We cannot sacrifice so much that it comes close in comparison to what you’ve done. May we put our personal desires aside and follow you first. May we take time to be in your presence daily. Thank You, Lord, 

Thank You. 

In Jesus’ Name, 


PS: this daily Bible Reading in 2017 is tricky. I’m not perfect. I’ve missed a few days. I’m squeezing this post in at 11:37 central time. Thanks for the grace!

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