Praise at Midnight: Acts 16:25

Tonight I read Leviticus 10-12 and Acts 16.

Paul and Silas are singing praise in jail at midnight. And look: I’m posting here and it’s almost midnight! I go to great lengths to make my posts in context to my scripture. Kidding, of course. Actually, I’ve just had a bad habit of sleeping in this week and I’ve been staying up late to fit my quiet time and posts in. 

Tonight my verse was 

Acts 16:25

But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them. 


Paul and Silas are in jail. 

They are praying. 

They are singing hymns to God.

They other prisoners are listening. 

How did they get to jail? They were sharing Christ and miracles were happening. The towns people did not like this, so they turned them over to be whipped and jailed. 

How does one find PRAISE when they still need to wash the blood from the beatings off their backs? When they’re hated and unwanted? 

They dig into the depths of their hearts and souls and realize they only belong to God. Our God is merciful, just, loving and full of grace. Worthy of praise. 


Memorize scriptures, praise songs and prayers of praise (Psalms) to have in memory for times of conflict, despair and trouble. Pray for God to fill our minds with praise FIRST. 



You really Do know what is best. Let us live like we are loved and we really believe it. Let us live as if You are more praise worthy than anything on earth: because you are. Grow our hearts for praise! Let us praise you above all else. Praise before fear, worry, stress, despair, wants, needs, comfort.. and let others hear us as we praise you. 

In Jesus’s name we pray, 


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