2/16/17 God doesn’t seek perfection, He seeks our heart ❤️ 

I am here to encourage you. You can miss a few days and God WILL fill the gaps. I listened to the last 7 chapters of Leviticus On Spotify. What a refreshing way to end this book. I think I was able to absorb more. Those lists are long and detailed and sometimes when reading I go fast and don’t soak it up. 

The last couple days I haven’t finished my full readings due to being so exhausted from fighting this cold. I finally can sleep and breathe through my nose!!! Hallelujah! 

Praying I can wake up early tomorrow… Oh how I Miss my coffee and Jesus in the wee hours of the morning. It really makes the day so much better to start with some quiet time!  For the sake of time (and sleep) I’m going to share some photos of my journal tonight. My index of each scripture of the day as well as my journal entry. 

God Bless! 

Be encouraged, God isn’t seeking perfect. He is seeking our hearts. 


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