: Pause

Are you ready to focus your heart as we prepare for Easter? Whatever that look like for you, I am praying that you are focused, intentional and encouraged. Focusing on the greatest moment in History: death being overcome by Christ! I’ll be taking 40 days off from Social Media beginning Wednesday, March 1st. 

With Lent and preparing for Easter I will be intentionally pausing some things and focusing on prayer. I will also be reading through the New Testament and having prayer walks. I can’t wait to share what the next 40 days have entailed when I return. 

I am in need of a spiritual focus and fast and I know some days will be more difficult than others but through Christ we can do All things!!! 
Just A Note: You will still notice posts on this page through the Lent season (between tomorrow and Easter Sunday), as I am scheduling them ahead of time. 

The focus will be “Being” and I’ll be sharing different scriptures to go along with that theme. I will be praying for you! I will be back the Monday following Easter Sunday with a refreshed heart and mind! ❤

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