Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers…. these are the books of the Bible!

How’s your reading coming along? Our focus is reading through the Bible and I’m entering the book of Joshua! Wow! Now, reading through the Bible hasn’t been perfect progress. It’s been day by day, a few missed here and there, reading and re reading and SOAP journaling my way through. 





Plus a few NT chapters including Matthew, Mark, Luke, John & Acts.
I’ve found I am much better off when I get up very early and read rather than let the day slip away. Right now? I’m a little “behind”, however, I’m also focusing on reading the NT during the season of lent which is much biggest chunks. And a lot to absorb!
What matters is not perfection, it is our heart and desire to meet with God. Pray for God to help you and He will! 

This Overview of Joshua is pretty cool! 

It’s been a couple weeks of less posting and I look back and see the blessing of making sure I make some sacrifices to get a SOAP blog post every day, so pray that I will stay committed to that. 

I’m praying for you too! 

Thank you for your word. Thank you for constantly forgiving us and inviting us to sit at your feet. I praise you for you are a HOLY and mighty God. Let us live as we truly, whole heartedly believe that we are sons and daughters of the Almighty God, King of Heaven and Earth. I pray you draw our purpose out and lead us. Show us the way. Let us bring you glory. Let your words sink into our heart and flow through our actions. 

In Jesus’s mighty name I pray. 


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