Waiting Is hard!

What a beautiful story of loss, love and learning to wait on God! Trusting in Him can be difficult but boy is it blessed!



Wait on the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait on the Lord! Ps. 27:14 Who likes to wait? We wait in traffic, in line at the store and for guests to arrive for a dinner party. We wait for the coffee to get done brewing so we can have that perfect […]

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One thought on “Waiting Is hard!

  1. Psalm 130 …

    vss 5-6

    I wait for the Lord, My soul doth WAIT
    And in his word I hope
    My soul WAITS for the Lord
    more than the watchmen who wait for the morning,
    more than the watchmen who yearn for the dawn

    In ancient times, a walled city employed watchmen to keep watch through the night. They took shifts, but the work was still long, tedious, lonely, and hard. A watchmen stands his post peering into the dark and cannot see anything. A watchmen listens to the wind trying to pay attention to … to…. NOTHING…. At least he hopes its nothing. Every snap of a twig is cause for concern, but you don’t want to wake the city every time you feel a bit jittery. You gotta be careful, very careful. The stakes are high, but night in and night out, not much happens and the watchmen WAIT for sun up when the long night and the tedious task finally ends.

    V1 opens with these words:

    Out of the depths I have cried unto You, O Lord!

    Depths. Waiting in the depths… The psalmist will reveal that these depths are sin, but when the Allies liberated the concentration camp at Dachau in WWII, they were horrified to see the carnage the Nazis had perpetrated against the Jews there. Piles of dead bodies hither and yon… And they entered the camp, the barbed wire… they entered the place where the bodies were burned. But then they went down a long dark corridor to the gas chambers, and those soldiers had never seen anything like this before (no one ever had). And there on the wall in the gas chamber was the opening line of Psalm 130 – OUT OF THE DEPTHS I CRY TO YOU O LORD!

    God WAIT there with those victims of Nazi atrocity.

    But the psalmist says he WAITs in HOPE! This is a HOPE sandwich. And thin slice of HOPE sandwiched between two references to Waiting – it is poetic, which is appropriate for a psalm!

    And then v7

    O Israel, HOPE in the Lord for with him comes steadfast LOVE and plenty of redemption!

    And that love and redemption is plenty enough for both sinful Israel AND Jews lost in a Nazi gas chamber.

    Yes… waiting is hard. Waiting in airports… waiting in emergency rooms and surgery centers… waiting even for a letter in the mail… waiting for coffee – even. But waiting for the LORD is worth the wait even when the waiting is shrill and extreme.


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