March 24, 2017 • Acts 18:9-10

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly waiting for the Chaos to fade away? I think that’s just how life feels sometimes. The end of chaos or busy-ness is an illusion. Is the illusion of future organization or peace and calm from the enemy? I can’t way one way or the other, but if it makes us feel like procrastination is on our side because of it, then it very may well be. 

This morning my alarm went off early, I grabbed my coffee and started reading. I jumped into Joshua about 6 days after missing readings and tried to figure out the context. I’ll be re reading the chapters I missed, but I know the value is I’m actually craving to read those chapters! God is doing things in my heart. 

Today my other passage was from Acts (as I focus on reading the NT during Lent).

Acts 18:9-10

9 Now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision, “Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent; 10 for I am with you, and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city.”
Here, Paul is on yet another mission in a foreign land to spread the word of the gospel. God speaks to Paul in a vision. Wow! Do not be afraid. God seems to know exactly what Paul’s biggest opposition to progress may be: FEAR. So he visits him and speaks to him… specifically about this fear and to share that He has already gone ahead to plan for protection. 

How many times have we let fear prevent progress? How many times have we prevented God’s favor or blessing because we were too afraid to go where God had already provided for us? 


We know you have us in mind when planning everything. Help us to put our faith in action by trusting you. 

In Jesus’ name we pray, 


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