Scripture Inspired Prayers

Prayer tip:

Take a favorite passage of scripture and write it into an inspired prayer. This isn’t a way to follow rules, simply let the spirit be inspired by God breathed scripture and use it to form a prayer.

Ephesians 6:10-20

Oh mighty God, Father in Heaven,

I pray for my brothers and sisters to be strong in You and Your mighty power. I pray each of us would stand against the schemes of Satan by putting on your whole holy armor. 

Lord, you are the only defense we have against Satan. Help us to fight against the rulers of darkness and the sin in this age. Protect us from spiritual hosts and the wicked that this world is full of. Lord, we know this is not our home. Help us to look forward to when we will be home with You so we can endure the difficulties of life.

Dear God, I pray you help us to know your truth; give us discipline us to learn your word and keep it in our hearts so we may wear the belt of truth. 

Through your spirit may we place the breastplate of righteousness; help us to repent of our sin and confess and ask forgiveness daily.

Lord, overflow our minds with peace by meditating on your gospel… that Christ died, buried and raised again and we are forgiven of our sins.

Lord, most importantly, give us a solid shield of faith. I pray for all believers to have faith that conquers all situations and spiritual warfare. Help us use our faith to avoid the tactics of Satan. Lord, I pray that our shields of faith can protect us from ALL the schemes of Satan. Strengthen our belief. Remind us you are good. Let us hold that in our hearts. 

God, we thank you for our salvation. Salvation that we do not deserve but you gave to us because you love us. Humble is with the knowledge of how salvation works. Remind us we cannot do anything to earn your love, but that we need only to faithfully believe. 

Lord, we thank you for your Word. Show us how to be prayerful in all situations by asking for help from the Holy Spirit inside of us. 

Lord, let us be patient and guide us through situations that are difficult and grow perseverance in our spirits. Grow our prayer life to pray on behalf of all believers this prayer. Raise up a generation of believers who are strong and steadfast in your word. God, we face a battle only You can guide us through. Help us to be watchful. Give us wisdom to know what to do in all situations. 
Oh Mighty God, I pray that you give us BOLDNESS to proclaim your gospel. Let us be a fool for you, Jesus. In a world that is running fast from You, Lord, let us be light and let us magnetize those around us to wonder what we have. Let us only show Love. Not judgement or condemnation. 

Oh God, I pray these things over all of my brothers and sisters tonight, and every day. 

In Jesus’ name,


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