Recognizing God & His Word

Matthew 4:1

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil.

It’s interesting as soon as Jesus is baptized and God proclaims vocally that Jesus is His son, that He immediately goes into the wilderness. While He is there, Jesus is tempted by the devil. The devil also uses God’s own word (out of context and not in it’s entirety) to tempt Jesus into sinning. Jesus knew that while the devil was using scripture, he was leaving out a lot. Jesus avoided sinning by knowing the True Word and Charactar of God. Jesus rebukes temptation by using scripture against scripture. When Jesus is most likely to fall into temptation, He shows us perfect obedience to God.

That comes to the question: 

If the Word of God was being using wrongly, would we recognize it?

There are 3 ways to help us with this:: 

1) Know God’s character. Walk with Him. 

2) Know God’s Word. Hold it in your heart to be able to recognize when scripture is being used out of context or misconstrued into something it shouldn’t say. 

3) Seek & Pray. Pray for God to help you recognize false teaching or temptation. I have also found it invaluable to have a wise mentor or teacher that has walked before me to be able to seek guidance from. I encourage you to find that! If you’re unsure where to seek, ask your pastor. 

We can learn so much by this section in Matthew. I encourage you to open up your own Bibles and read for yourself. Ask God to reveal to you what the message is revealing about Jesus. I see a perfect God in the body of a man, able to go through temptation and be perfect. Gone 40 days without food and thinking clearly. Completely human and completely God, Jesus can relate to our human experience. 

But don’t rely on what my thoughts are. For one, I’m not a scholar. For two, I am just sharing what God is showing to me. Go and read for yourself and store the word of God in your heart! 

We are constantly surrounded with so many teachings, which is something that’s fairly new to our generation. We must be aware and compare. Pray and seek guidance. Know the Word for yourself so you can recognize a false gospel. 


I pray today that we will walk closely to You and recognize your true Word. Help us to take time and walk with You. Let us soak up your character and know You. Show us how to hide scripture in our hearts so we can recognize good teaching. And let us not use this to become righteous.. fill us with grace and love to share with others.

In Jesus’ Name,


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