Satan, Society & Sinful Hearts

Happy May Day! 
• 1 Chronicle 14-15

• Psalm 132

• Matthew 18

Matthew 18:33 NLT

Shouldn’t you have mercy on your fellow servant, just as I had mercy on you? 


The story of the unforgiving debtor:

(My own recap)

A man owed his master more than a million dollars. His master was going to sell him & his family to pay his debt. The man begged to have his master be patient with him, so he may pay him back. The master had pity on him & forgave his entire (very large) debt. 

The man who was forgiven then went to his servant who owed him only a few thousand dollars. He demanded to be paid back immediately. When his asked for a little more time, he denied it and threw him in jail. When the debtor’s master realized he had done such a thing to his own servant after being forgiven, he became angry. He threw the servant in prison to be tortured until he paid his entire debt (which likely was never). Matthew 18:35 reminds us, “what’s what my Heavenly Father will do to you if you refuse to forgive your brothers and sisters from your heart”. 

I want to suggest that society often conveys to us that we can hold power by holding unforgiveness. We can have the upper hand with a grudge. We can make others (sometimes those we love), work for forgiveness, that perhaps it’s something they need to earn. On the contrast, God’s word is quite vivid about this topic. 

Forgive to be forgiven. 

We are forgiven of much, we need to forgive even more of others. We see a steep warning more than once to forgive others. Satan, society and our sinful hearts make it tempting and desirable to hold hostage unforgiveness, grow grudges and hate and makes it feel even like a reward. However, it grows bitterness in our hearts, and it is a major sin. How can we forgive others? We need to pray for help. Sometimes the only possible way to forgive is to do so with the power of the Holy Spirit. Remember, forgiveness isn’t recognizing what somebody did wasn’t wrong, it’s releasing ourselves from holding hate towards them and embracing grace that’s been bestowed upon us and showing it to others. 

Dear God, 

Satan makes me feel like unforgiveness, hate and grudges are a reward. Remind me they’re anything but that, they are a punishment to my own soul. Soften my heart and help me to realize the debt of my own sin, that is much more than I recognize, and let me show that mercy to others. Also keep me humble, don’t let my heart become prideful or arrogant because I have forgiven others. I have no room in my soul for pride: forgiveness is not something I have earned. 

Lord help me to walk through each day as a reflection of you. Forgive me when I am hateful. If I am holding anything against someone in my heart, please reveal it to me and help me forgive them immediately. 

Thank you God, 

In Jesus Name,


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