2018 “Digging In” Schedule!

In 2018 I will personally be slowing down through my journey of the Bible. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the Bible in 2017, I cannot believe the year is almost through and I have been able to read through the Bible. It hasn’t been perfect, but God has been so faithful to help me get through. What I have realized is it is a lot to read the Bible in one year without slowing down to be able to absorb more. However, it’s been so wonderful to be able to “consume” the big picture of the Bible. I am now ready to slow down, continue in my Bible journey, and limit 2018 to reading only 10 books. I will be posting my schedule and reading plans for those who would like to join my pace, as well as sharing some of my favorite published reading plans for those who may want to go through the entire Bible in 2018! Here is the year’s schedule, I will be sharing the Genesis checklist very soon with a special invitation to my women’s reading group.

This schedule includes a break for prayer/review in between each book of study. It also will be a 5 day Reading Plan, meaning 2 days of the week will allow for prayer or time to be able to read missed readings.

Genesis — January 1- February 4

Romans — February 12 – March 4

Isaiah — March 12 – May 6

Exodus — May 14 – June 10

Acts — June 18 – July 29

1 Samuel — August 6 – September 2

2 Samuel — September 10 – September 30

Gospel of John– October 8- November 4

Philippians– November 12 – November 25

Gospel of Luke– December 3-December 30

You’re invited to walk slower with me or find a reading plan that is speaking to you for 2018. The goal is to get into the Word, spend time with God and expand our prayer life together! Stay tuned for a printable checklist PDF for the 2018 “digging in” schedule.

God Bless,


: Pause

Are you ready to focus your heart as we prepare for Easter? Whatever that look like for you, I am praying that you are focused, intentional and encouraged. Focusing on the greatest moment in History: death being overcome by Christ! I’ll be taking 40 days off from Social Media beginning Wednesday, March 1st. 

With Lent and preparing for Easter I will be intentionally pausing some things and focusing on prayer. I will also be reading through the New Testament and having prayer walks. I can’t wait to share what the next 40 days have entailed when I return. 

I am in need of a spiritual focus and fast and I know some days will be more difficult than others but through Christ we can do All things!!! 
Just A Note: You will still notice posts on this page through the Lent season (between tomorrow and Easter Sunday), as I am scheduling them ahead of time. 

The focus will be “Being” and I’ll be sharing different scriptures to go along with that theme. I will be praying for you! I will be back the Monday following Easter Sunday with a refreshed heart and mind! ❤